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Letter of Appointment of Independent Director:
Appointment Letter for Independent Director
Moving Picture Company is headed by the multiple national and international award winning film maker, Ramesh Sharma, who established it in 1989. In 1991 Uma Gajapati Raju, a former member of parliament joined the board of the company.

Together they established a core team that went on to pioneer many firsts including India This Week, a news and current affairs weekly, that ran for almost ten years without a break and The Great Indian Yatra, the first travel show for satellite television. Subah Savere - was to revolutionize the concept of morning television across the country and is currently in its sixth year. Biographies - Ek Kalakar Ki Kahani, an award winning series on the legends of Indian cinema; The Mahakumbh Mela- on the first Kumbh Mela in the 21st century, Afghanistan:The Taliban Years and Beyond - a film on the country coming out of the siege of Taliban; Jihad-The Sword of Islam, tracing the proliferation of Islamic militancy; Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan¡¯s Man of Destiny, a biography of the president of Afghanistan; Mukti Gatha, the curtain raiser that launched the celebration of 50 years of Indian Independence; Maha Gatha tracing the last thousand years; the film that Doordarshan used to herald the new millennium, are just some of our productions.

Moving Picture also produced the 10 part x 30 min series Making of a Nation and the 10 part x 30 minutes series 25 Incredible Years for the India Today group. The most recent production a feature length documentary film The Journalist and The Jihadi- The Murder of Daniel Pearl was co-produced with HBO, First Take Ltd (UK) and Distant Horizon ( South Africa). The film, narrated by internationally recognized TV journalist Christiane Amanpour, was premiered on HBO and then shown on CNN in the USA in late 2006. It has been nominated for two Emmy awards this year.
The company has produced hundreds of hours of compelling Television content including Fear Factor India for Sony, Current Bollywood for Set Max, Popkorn and Filmy Fever for ZOOM, a 100 episode daily soap Lavanya for Zee, Kaun Banega Champu for Filmy and a 20 part thriller series Andhakaar for Doordarshan National.
Moving Picture Company also produced an original full length 3D animation series 10x 22 minutes Jungle Tales, based on Panchatantra, This series was premiered on Cartoon Network and Doordarshan The episode on the Tortoise and The Hare won the National Award as the Best Animation film.
Board of Directors
1. Ramesh Sharma
2. Sanjiv Kaushik
3. Lalit Varma
4. Bhim Sain Goyal
5. Anjali Tomar
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